CD Album Cover Artwork

September 7th, 2011

I haven’t done any cd sleeve designs for a while, but then I was asked twice in a short space of time to come up with some packaging. Given that the reason I wanted to be a graphic designer was so I could create record sleeve artwork – I’m talking LP’s here, remember them? Big things that folded out with lots of cool graphics and lyrics you could read – I’m always happy to turn my hand to CD sleeve designs, even if I need a magnifying glass to see them.

The two bands here are both Edinburgh-based, but musically they couldn’t be more different. The Sunshine Delay have an alt-country vibe at their heart but they mix it with a rootsy rock and pop to create their own distinctive sound. Easy Tigers are fronted by Craig Ross – who also moonlights with Broken Records – and specialise in rustic, warm soundscapes. Both bands are well worth hearing.


My friend Neil Sommerville is a percussion tutor and runs the Edinburgh Schools Rock Ensemble (ESRE). You know, for kids? Every year the kids put out their own CD recording and every year I produce the sleeve artwork. Neil tells me this is the 10th year we’ve been doing this. I figured some of these kids must be getting a bit long in the tooth by now, but it turns out there’s a new batch every year. It’s only me that’s getting long in the tooth. With this logic, the secret to eternal youth would be to be a member of ESRE.

As it was their anniversary year, they decided the new CD should be a double compilation of the best tracks from the nine previous discs and Neil suggested a Sgt. Pepper pastiche in order to build a collage of members past and present. That sounded fine but this band has had more members than the Drifters. Soon I was suffering from cut and paste exhaustion and had to have a lie down. Anyway, this is the result. Neil is the one with his back to the camera, bottom centre. He’s very tall.

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