Funhouse Graphics Testimonials

“Greg is one of the most talented and creative people I have ever worked with.”
Justin C Adams, Managing Director, L.A. Media Ltd.

“Funhouse Graphics will add value to your business. I would recommend Greg and his team to any business which has the ambition to grow and is looking for a trustworthy team to support them in doing so.”
Stephanie Newitt, Managing Director, D R Newitt Recruitment Specialists

“Greg is a great guy to have on the team. He consistently provides us with great graphics which accurately interpret our communication requirements – simple as that.”
Bob Owtram, Producer, Charismavision (media) Ltd.

“Quite simply he is very good at what he does.”
Alan Moffat, Advocates Clerk, Ampersand Stable of Advocates.

“Reliable, keen & committed – his technical abilities speak for themselves.”
Gordon W Frew, Finance Director, Internet Karaoke Ltd.

“We are always very impressed with the creative way in which Greg presents visuals to us – these are extremely important in helping us secure projects from our clients.”
Janet Lee Adam, Director, Eastern Exhibition & Display

“We have had a successful business relationship with Funhouse Graphics since 2001 and are pleased with the support and dedication of Greg in further developing our business.”
Stuart J Lockhart, Finance Manager, One-Ticket Ltd.

“Superb graphic designer. Highly recommended.”
Dave Flitton, Producer / Director ‘Battlefield’ Series.