Tales Of The Bow

January 25th, 2009

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I produced this award-winning documentary for the Discovery Channel. The programme covered 3000 years of history, so the archer in the titles had to appear reasonably generic. I thought lightning would add a nice touch of drama so I shot blacked-out studio footage of the archer and then blended in the stock weather shots without having to use blue screen.

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  1. Ross Jackson

    Please could you tell me where I can purchase 5 DVD copies of the Discovery Knowledge Programme Tales of the Bow
    Many Thanks

  2. Bernard Fisher

    I too am looking for a dvd of “Archery: Tales of the Bow”. I keep missing the programme on Disc History.
    Much obliged,

  3. admin

    I’m not sure it ever got a dvd release. I certainly don’t have one. But it does still show up regularly on Discovery. Greg.

  4. Clash Royale Gemmes

    I think you should give tv streaming of discovery channel.

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