Scotland 3d Event Plan

August 23rd, 2012

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3d animation is a great tool for event managers. It allows them to take all their ideas about how a promotional event will look and present a reasonably realistic rendition of it to the client. In the case of this installation set to promote Scotland’s tourist industry, that meant custom-built presentation stands and furnishings, a plexi-glass meeting area in the centre and the unusual overhead construction.

I was given 2d line drawings of some of these features; others were just described to me over the phone. The overhead construction was actually an impossible shape in its 2d form, but with 3d modelling I was able to help show the event managers and their set designer how it would be shaped in reality.

The little figures are basic but are vital for identifying the scale of the overall installation. In event planning, that’s pretty crucial.

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Glasgow: Scotland With Style

May 2nd, 2009

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This ambient piece was projected onto a large wall space and ran on a loop throughout Visit Scotland’s Expo Fusion event. It’s purpose was two-fold. First it would welcome guests – who were from all corners of the globe and hence the multilingual ‘welcome’ – and second it would act as directional signage, indicating what was to be found on the floors above and below.

The unusual brief, described to me as ‘a bit like the old pingpong computer game,’ also called for the inclusion of the sponsor, Glasgow: Scotland With Style. This had me foxed until we put them on the ball itself.

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Visit Scotland: Working For Scotland

March 4th, 2009

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This presentation piece for Visit Scotland uses three different animation techniques for the three individual areas I was asked to cover: the fluttering ident, the landscape text, and the names that form into words. (These are the names of Visit Scotland employees.)

Each section was created with 3d animation and each brought it’s own challenges. But I have to admit there was something quite satisfying about making that text run along the top of the bridges.

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